Digital atlas of the skeleton of Lynx pardinus

Scapula of Lynx pardinus

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Dorsal view


Left side view


Nasal view


Basal view


Right side view


Nuchal view

Scapula measures data table ↑top
ID Code Description Middle Show
* You can check measure id clicking on the "Show" measure link.
HSHeigth along the spine (+) 117.15 Show
DHADiagonal height: from the most distal point of the thoracic angle (+). In scapulae where the thoracic angle is rounded (-) 117.51 Show
SLCSmallest length of the Collum scapulae (neck of the scapula). In general (+). Not easy to measure in scapulae of those ruminants which possess a crest on the dorsal border of the neck. Not possible to measure in some species of carnivores. 20.04 Show
GLPGreatest length of the Processus asticularis (glenoid process) (+) 22.62 Show
LGLength of the glenoid cavity. Measured to include the cranial lip of the glenoid cavity. parallel to the GPL. since one often cannot recognize the border of the glenoid cavity. Difficult measure in pigs. 20.08 Show
BGBreadth of the glenoid cavity - Greatest breadth of the glenoid angle (+) 15.92 Show